03 April 2008

Skiing alone

Take a look at the Big Sky trail map.

Going back to an earlier post, we all active people know how a buddy system is wise, especially when involved in rather risk sports. I wanted to check out the bowls at the very peak of Lone Mountain Peak. Liberty Bowl was one name that came up. However, when I went up to the Lone Peak tram, there was a sign that said "do not ski alone." Common sense, especially once you get a good look at how steep it gets up there. But as a lone traveller, now my hands are tied.

If you cannot attach yourself to another group, here's what works even better: get ski patrol to accompany you. Explain that you are alone, an expert skiier (if it is true), and visiting. Ask if they could spare someone to accompany you, just as a buddy system, so you could have a chance to explore the bowl.

Brilliant. I wish I had done it earlier.

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