24 July 2008

Shopping List

(this is not a blog entry. But an evolving list subject to change in the early days of its creation. For more info)

- Milk
- Eggs
- Rice/Pasta or main staple equivalent
- Apple, or local main fruit
- Bottled water
- Pound of sugar
- Gallon of cooking oil

- Bar soap
- Shampoo
- Box of tissues
- Toilet paper
- Toothpaste
- Lotion

- Taxi fare system
- Train fare for one stop, within same zone.
- Cost of gas/gallon

Dining out
- Cocktail at happy hour
- Glass of beer
- Side of fries, or local favourite side dish
- Bowl of soup
- Local popular entre (defined by tour guides as the local specialty)
- Cup of regular coffee
- Cup of regular tea

Last update: 2 Aug 08

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