28 July 2008

Street vendors

Exist in every street corner and many sidewalks. At varying level of portability from a wagon they push to a storefront with chairs and tables on the sidewalk for customer to sit.

Photos to come.

So I would walk down a street smelling the scent of cooking on the street. On days, it would make me drool. Sometimes the peppers in whiff are so strong I walk away with my eyes tearing up a bit.

Sanitary? Most likely not to US standards. But a majority of the Thai population eat out in these vendors on a daily basis.

Since I had the misfortune of suffering from severe food poisoning in the past, I told my coworkers that I am not letting myself eat from a street vendor until a month after I move here, allowing for my body to acclimate gradually.

Oh, I've been tempted to break that self-imposed restriction. My coworkers would lead me between street stalls to ge a good whiff of the food. They know my being Asian made me appreciate the scents.. and want to eat the food.

Today, that trial period is over. And I celebrated by buying donuts at a corner vendor outside work. It looked like a donut hole with caked sugar glaze. Sweet.

It had something spicey inside almost curry-ish in strength and flavor. *cough* Whew, what a surprise. Wasn't expecting that. But I'm still standing on my two feet over 14 hours later.

Finally. I can eat really Bangkok food.

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Anonymous said...

My sister, brother-in-law, and cousin eat food from street vendors all the time when they were in Bangkok. I hear it's quite tasty - Abigail