23 August 2008

Classifieds in the BK Magazine

Note: for those of you noticing my rather prolific posting as of the past day, it's simply because the haze of the muggy air and my spending the grand total of 10Baht today has lead me to be rather productive in things around the house.

I still haven't stopped chuckling. Someone, maybe I, need to compile a version of They Call Me Naughty Lola based on the personal classified in the Bangkok publications.

Observations from the BK Magazine Personals:
- A lot of professional match-matching organizations involved here. Just a sampling:
- Height and Weight revelations seem to be the norm.

But the American/Western in me can't help feeling like the phrasing makes it seem like the people see this as some sort of a cattle market:
Skin Doctor, 29 (W. 56, H. 169) Chinese-Thai, conservative. She has long hair with great skin (of course), cute looking with sweet soft spoken voice.
Perhaps she could be a match for:
... He's looking for an educated, light skinned, cute, feminine, Thai Chinese looking woman with a good heart.
Maybe I need to reconsider my career. Matchmaking can't be that hard...

Here's one I find ironic:
... She's looking for someone who's successful in his career, smart, open-minded, who has a sense of humor. Someone who doesn't have his profile on Hi5 or Facebook and don't like to chat on the Instant Messenger...
Hi5? Now I'm curious...

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