11 August 2008


I spent over two hours uploading five photos. You readers will have to do without for the time being.

Every technical person who visits the embassy, whether it be by official job capacity or by personal preference, we recommend s/he visit MBK Center. Aside from being a major shopping mall that is not ridden with Western brands like Versace, Prada, and other brands too expensive for even a middle class consumer, MBK offers a unique Bangkok modern shopping experience. Modern in the sense that it is indoors, in air conditioning, with restrooms, and clean.

The biggest two attractions are the Mobile Mart, where half of an entire floor is swamped with mobile phone sellers, selling both new and second hand phones. Inbetween the stalls, you'd find vendors of pirated software, CDs, and DVDs. On the realm of phones, most are actually quite expensive, but some come with interesting features not seen in the States. Phone with a radio for entertainment? How about a dual sim GSM phone? You'd be surprised how expensive the mock iPhone designs go for. I was. I gave myself a 1,000 THB budget going in looking for a phone, had to settle with a 2400THB price.

The top floor is where an artsy market had found refuge after loosing their original homes. The market sells everything from silk robes to cheap luggage bags. Most of the goods you can find cheaper and with larger selection in the street markets. But when hiding from the humidity, it just may be worth paying the extra 25THB per item.

Somehow, I always feel like I walk away with less month than I arrived...

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