02 August 2008

My biggest change in lifestyle

Because this conversation really is too funny to not share. Thanks, disabigailed.
me: I just hired a maid
diabigailed: you have a maid? why?
me: because it's part of the Bangkok experience
diabigailed: i hear a cheap sex change is part of the bangkok experience
diabigailed: please dont' get that

Rest assured, I believe there are limits to "When in Rome, do as the Romans do..."


Anonymous said...

What does your maid call you? Ma'am? Miss? Senora/senorita? - Abigail

Jane said...

She addresses me with the title "Khun." The building employees address me as plain "Madam!" yes, with the exclamation mark and all!

I'm sure most Thais, with my back turned and out of earshot, say something along the lines of "(expletive) crazy rich farangs."