19 September 2008

annnnnnd, I'm back online

onThank god. My apartment's cable tv package is rather pathetic. Here's a channel listing:

Ch 01 some fuzzy channel
Ch 02 NBT, Thailand's state-run channel
Ch 03 Star Sports
Ch 04 ESPN
Ch 05 BBC
Ch 06 Star Movies
Ch 07 Cinemax
Ch 08 HBO
Ch 09 CNN
Ch 10 channel cannot be decoded
Ch 11 CNBC
Ch 12 Animal Channel
Ch 13 True Series
Ch 14 Thai V3
Ch 15 Thai TV5
Ch 16 some Thai channel
Ch 17 some Thai channel
Ch 18 some Thai channel
Ch 19 Cartoon Network
Ch 20 History Channel

It must be some foreigner package because of the sheer number of English-speaking channels. The channels switch around. I swear, there had been a Hallmark channel earlier when they first activated my account. And channels go out with a "card read error" type of message every now and then, like channel 10 at the moment.

You get what you pay for, I suppose, at the fat rate of 250 baht per month.

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