01 September 2008

I can call people!!

Well, technically, I've always been able to call people, just as long as I was willing to dish out some cash to do so.

Thanks to word of mouth, I have now signed up for ThaiTel international calling card, at a dear painful rate of THB 1 per minute from Thailand to USA (roughly US$ 0.03/ minute).

Hm. I have yet to use it, but the refer-er tells me she had tracked her minutes carefully and seems to be all in good order. Normally, I'd be skeptical, but if you know how anal retentive this individual can get, you'd have no choice but to believe her.

I just wish they didn't call at 6am, local time to verify my credit card. On a holiday Monday, no less. If I hadn't been able to fall back asleep until noon, I would have been on a frothing rage right now.

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