22 September 2008

Pirated DVDs

It's no secret Southeast Asia offers a huge hub of pirated DVDs.

I've been asking some travelers about how much the different areas offer a single DVD for. Approximate prices, factoring in fluctuation of the current exchange.

Cambodia: US$1.50
Indonesia: US$0.70
Malaysia: US$2.50
Taiwan: US$2.50
Thailand: US $3

Some tidbits I found out in my highly unscientific research:
- Buyers should always ask about quality, usually expressed in percentages.
- Sellers are generally very honest about the quality.
- Prices are hard to negotiate because competition amongst vendors have been fierce enough to reach a stalemate. But it doesn't mean don't try.
- Most vendors will pop the DVD in a tv to demonstrate if asked.
- Captioning/Subtitles are a hit or miss.
- HD is a hit or miss.
- For an entire city, there can be as little as two or three original pirated DVD providers. The rest are just copies from the same sources.
- Price is per DVD, regardless of movie or TV show. TV show DVDs are extremely popular since many shows aren't offered here on tv (see post about available tv channels).

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