30 November 2008

Busy sign on my shop door

Dear Reader,

I feel I ought to excuse myself for my sporadic posting. I certainly am not lacking in topics to cover. But I'm finding it frivolous to talk about small things when we are in the midst of a contentious political crossroads.

The PAD occupation of the airports have been occupying my job and my state of mind a lot lately. There is something disconcerting about being trapped in the city of a foreign country, even if one does reside there. Ultimately, this is not my country and I can't help feeling a little trapped.

As a result, I have temporarily lost my sense of mild humour in observing cultural differences. The massive cultural differences are being highlighted in the current events, but with my current state of mind, a lot of it simply is not funny anymore.

I could blog constantly about the protests and what little news is associated with it. But I know many of you tune out on repetitious topics. More so if you can sense a constant irritable attitude.

So, please bear with me while I collect my thoughts, find my zen. I'll be back in full swing as soon as I find my better self.

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