26 November 2008

Work ethic or what?

What I don't understand is the lack of a sense of follow through here.

When the PAD protesters stormed the airport, the Thai Airways employees ditched the airport altogether. No contingency to get all the passengers placed in hotels. No system in place to make announcements. They put up "closed" signs on the check in counters that read "CLOSED. Contact _________" with the blank left, well, blank.

No one is picking up any of the customer service phone lines.
The airline webpage until this evening said nothing about the disruption in service. The current message now explains what had happened up to now, but not how to anticipate when to get back to the airport.

What cracks me up, though, was the initial announcement on Suvarnbhumi webpage: "Airport operations is closed due to leave." So that the reason the airport wasn't functioning was because people chose not to go to work, not because the protesters were there. They changed the page just tonight, now citing "for security reasons."

Sadly, now everyone else gets to experience what I had too much off: the Thai people's inability to respond to urgency.

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