08 February 2009

Oh, god, it's Ant Season

Despite having the pest control spray my apartment on Friday, I'm finding it is apparently now Ant Season. Being in the tropical climate, I shouldn't be surprised but I was spoiled in not having to deal with it until now.

It seems that if I leave any food lying about for any extended period of time, I'll come back to find a swarm of ants around it. I found out the hard way when I dozed off on the couch, leaving a plate of pineapple in the coffee table. Awaken by the phone, loosing sense of where I last left my glasses, and fumbling for the phone, I happened to peer over and saw the edge of my table covered with blurry black dots.

Aaaahhhh! I still can't shake off the feeling that I might have a six-legged creature crawling in my ear.

So today, I bought an ant spray and sprayed the entire threshold of the balcony, gassing myself in the process. Let's hope that is sufficient. But I'm not testing the theory.

I'm most worried about my brother's visit this week. That kid has the tendency to ignore my specific household cleanliness habits and roll his eyes at me. I'm not in the mood to say "I told you so" if it means cleaning out the guest room of ants while he's occupying it.

I also have learned while the ants have a slight preference of my sweetened coffee, they don't give a damn about my gin and tonic.

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