05 May 2009

Restaurant Review: Charley Brown's

Guess what. I'm reviewing a TexMex place. A TexMex restaurant in Bangkok.

I *love* TexMex, Mexican (or what I think is Mexican), Peruvian, Cuban, basically anything Latin. I don't know how that love affair started. It certainly wasn't grown out of childhood- Dad complained there wasn't seafood when we went to Chili's. But, somewhere, over the years in the end of and after university, I developed a taste.

So, it was only a matter of time before I would find out how relatively lacking the Latin cuisine offerings in Bangkok were.

Anyway, Charley Browns. It's a favourite amongst many colleagues. Partly out of developed customer loyalty and central location, and partly out of the fact that the food is decent. Not superb, but not bad given the fact that it's in Bangkok and run by an American from Seattle.

I've forced myself to start ordering different dishes each time I go.

- Chimichanga. Really, can't go wrong with this classic. It's fried, after all!
- Chili burrito. Up to individual taste. I found the chili surprisingly sweet in a weird way. Not for me even though 1) I have a terribly bad sweet tooth and usually go with anything sweet, and 2) I love chili, another surprising adulthood discovery in taste.
- Taco dinner. Last night's order. Went for beef and hard taco shells. The meat taste didn't come out enough, otherwise it's just another taco.

I'll have to work my way through the menu. And remember to take my Lactaid pill before getting into the more cheesy dishes. I'll have the opportunity to go back. Enough people like it.. besides, they have Ladies' Night.


this.scott said...

How's the new guy compare to Dave? Or hadn't you been there much while Dave was the manager?

I miss the place :^(

Jane said...

He's nice enough and struck me as rather young. I don't know if he actually replaced Dave or was brought in to help out. Dave recognises us and treats us well but the new guy doesn't know us... yet. But it'll only be a matter of time.

You should go to Rosa Mexicana for guacamole. I miss that!