08 May 2009

Thai politics

A recent chat with a friend who visits Bangkok often:

Friend: How's it going in Bangkok, with all the protests.
Me: Quieted down. The day I got back, they lifted the state of emergency.
Friend: They really know how to screw themselves.
Me: It's almost like they are inclined to do it.
Friend: Take over the government building...
Me: loose some money.
Friend: Take over the airport during peak season...
Me: loose lots of money.
Friend: Take over the ASEAN summit...
Me: loose lots of money.
Friend: Take over Songkran...
Me: loose lots of money.
Friend: lol


On a similar vein, there was a mob in Patpong- a huge red light, shopping, and nightlife area- a couple days ago of vendors attacking police officers who had come through in a piracy raid to confiscate pirated goods.

As the economy continues to spiral downward, we may be seeing more of this type of aggression. I'm already seeing the vendors less inclined to bring down prices because the sale may be their only sale.

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