17 May 2009

You know you're become used to Southeast Asia when..

... You don't feel obligated to tip.
... You can estimate the temperature in Celsius quite accurately.
... You pay everything in cash and don't even carry a credit card.
... You decide whether to go out or not based on the haze.
... You expect bed turndown service in hotels.
... You take off your shoes at the threshold, even to a store.
... You walk around an elephant on the sidewalk without skipping a beat.
... You eat more street food than home cooking.
... You think your accent is weird, even when speaking English.
... You see traffic signals and markers as decoration.
... You weave your car smoothly between dodging mopeds.
... You say "same same".
... You no longer convert to US dollars.
... You cover your face when walking in the sun.
... You plan your errands during business hours when places are actually open.
... Your water consumption is calculated to minimise public restroom usage.
... You pay your bills at convenience stores.

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