23 July 2009

You know it's summer when..

... you're surrounded by Taiwanese tourists on summer break.

We don't really have seasons in Thailand or many parts of Southeast Asia. The year in Thailand can be broken down into:
- Extremely hot: February through May
- Rainy: June through November
- Dry: December and January

To work with that, the Thai academic year runs from May through February.

So the sense of seasons, for those of us used to the seasonal changes, is lost. It's only a matter of whether keeping an umbrella on you is a daily thing or not.

The dry season is the peak tourist season. The students are on break in the extremely hot season. So we don't get the flux of people on summer break flocking everywhere like many American and European locales do.

Instead, we get the Taiwanese, Korean, and Japanese tourists, who get the same Northern Hemisphere summer vacations but are closer geographically.

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