08 August 2009

One person's yummy is another's yucky.

I was browsing the street vendors on my way to work this week.. and found a lady who sells rice porridge where you can tell her what toppings to put in as she poured it in a bag. On her cart, she also had an assortment of bean soups, some of my favourite desserts as a child. I got the green bean soup for 10baht. It was just enough to fill the huge coffee mug I keep at work, which I sipped all day long.

My boss kept walking over to our side of the room asking if someone left food here. Finally, when he started searching the trash cans, I asked what exactly was bugging him? He said "It smells like something rotting." Er. I stuck out the bean soup and asked if that was what was bothering him. Yep. It was it.

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