03 August 2009

The one time in my life I truly really really screamed

Just to remind you all that, while I tend to be a more serious and reserved person, I do have a sense of adventure and a healthy dose of spunk.

My philosophy in travel lately has been to do things instead of regretting that I didn't do them later. When I found myself in the birthplace of the bungy (note, Americans, it's spelt "bungy" not "bungee") in Queenstown, New Zealand, I knew I had to do the jump even though just before ever going to NZ I had been adamant that any sort of jumping- off a bridge, out of a plane, off a ski ramp- is something I would never get myself into. My verdict? Outrageously expensive for an extremely short split second, but, damn, it sure comes with some awesome bragging rights. And I will never ever ever do it again.

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