30 August 2009

what is his excuse?

An incident this afternoon:

I was on an escalator inside a building, and got off behind a couple- an older Caucasian male and his pint-size Thai girlfriend who is probably in her early 20s. They came to a stop at the entrance doorway and turned around and looked expectantly at me as I was just a few steps behind them. They waited. I approached, stopped, and returned a quizzical look.

Man: Do you speak English?
Me: Yes.
Man: Why aren't you opening the door for us?
Me: (too flabbergasted to respond)
Man: Look. I am your superior and she's with me, which means you are supposed to open the door.
Me: (incensed by this point) Just how did you determine your superiority above me?
Man: Oh. You're not Thai.
Me: Even if I had been, what precisely were you implying?
Man: Well, they have a class system here....
Me: What is the relevance to you? You're not Thai.. What right do you have in assuming a hi-so status and imposing it on others? And who would be so classless declare that he is superior to a random stranger? Now open the door. I need to get through and away from you!

I was furious. He actually waited, as if to force me to reach first to open the door. I was too angry to give him that benefit and marched off through the side door.


Greg said...

Are you SERIOUS??? Holy crap. I wouldn't know whether to laugh, cry, yell or start punching.

Jane said...

My thoughts exactly.. if I weren't so angry, I probably would have been amazed. Actually, I *was* amazed..