08 September 2009

No wonder why Asians are also gaining weight..

Seen in a recent ad campaign to sell international products in a high-end supermarket atop one of the biggest shopping malls in the city... Anyone spot the factual problems? They actually had a billboard for this promotion. Unfortunately, the taxi whizzed by too quickly for me to register let alone react and have the camera out.

Clearly, they haven't heard about Americans' obesity problem, despite the prevalence of fashion magazines imported from the States.

Bonus: American readers, see if you can spot something very very very wrong in the pictures... besides the food being called healthy. People create controversies from doing this at home!


this.scott said...

one of the flags is upside down?

Michael Norton said...

the frosted flakes behind the healthy trendsetter sign?

Michael Norton

Jane said...

Yep, the flag was what caught my attention. The whole display is wrong on so many levels anyway.. but the flag amused me.