02 March 2010

White Wat

Let's admit it. After a while, all wats start looking alike. And seeing another one bores more than impresses. A glimpse at the photo of the White Temple, though, bespoke of an unusual sight.

What was just as stunning is the paintings inside the walls of the wat. Still under work with the artists drawing right under the tourists' legs, murals spoke some pretty political messages. Such as the World Trade Towers being attacked, both towers twined by a gas hose with the nozzles you put in your car. Then the planet shaped like a male symbol melting. The messages didn't preclude a drawing of superman and the transformers. All the more provocative images were on the far side of the temple, opposite the Buddha and praying monk. I read his message to be leaving the distractions of the modern world behind in search of attaining the enlightment. Who knows. All the signs and writing were in Thai.

I couldn't shake a sense of familiarity until I saw a frame Time article. Ah HA.

The temple isn't done yet. Most of the buildings haven't been added their elaborate design, carving, and framing, leaving the bare square corners of the pagoda buildings. I felt like the simple clean lines bore a start contrast to the extensive curves and winding outline of the primary building. Sadly, I'm willing to bet the rest of the buildings will be as intricately decorated.

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