16 April 2010

Happy Songkran

Well, I didn't really partake in the water fights. I left Bangkok. While the official festivities in Bangkok were canceled, the government really can't stop kids from having a water fight. Still, we opted for three days away from the protests and drove up to Khao Yai National Park, Thailand's version of Yellowstone Park.

What I didn't realise when I chose our destination was that it was also the home of the fledgling Thai wine industry. We sampled the ones near us.

Granmonte Winery: Our first stop for both a taste and a meal. The Italian villa style was charming. The reds, quite foul. I confess, though, I never really like shiraz reds from anywhere. But the whites surprisingly robust and dry. The restaurant offered classic Italian dishes with a subtle "I can't give up all my Thai habits" nuance.. such as the hot peppers in my spaghetti.

PB Valley Khao Yai Winery
: One of the most established wineries in the country. We took a tour which, while simple, was excellent. Harvest time is Feb-March, for those who may have the fortune of scheduling their visits. So all we saw were bare vines, but a large acreage of them. We sampled four wines, two whites and two reds. I rather liked the Tempranillo. I've never had one before so I guess I ought to buy a Spanish bottle before comparing. Chenin Blanc is the standard white in the region, based on PB's "extensive testing and analysis."

For me, the visits were fun. A little peek into how yuppification has spread to Thailand.

Perhaps, most amusing of our trip, was our foray into Primo Posto, a personal recommendation by the PB Valley tour guide. More on that later.

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