08 June 2010

Restaurant Review: Robin Hood

Thanks to the closure of Ratchaparasong intersection and its surrounding businesses for almost two months, I am able to draw the focus of restaurants and pubs away from the city centre to further down the Sukhumvit area. Robin Hood we noticed on a drive by. The view from a car is distinctly different from the Skytrain. All this time, none of us knew of the place. It is literally right of the BTS station, making it technically more accessible than some of our choices down Soi 11 or on ThongLo.

I should have titled the post "pub review" since we are talking about a pub.

First order: cider. A rare luxury for me. They even had it on the draft. Ahh. Cold semi-sweet cider. Just the drink after a how sweaty day.

The good is delicious. I succumbed to the Little John's Big Breakfast, somehow convincing myself it won't sit as heavily in my gut as most traditional pub fares. But I kept eyeing a friend's beef pot pie because the crust was so puffy, crispy and chewy that it took all my willpower to not reach over and help myself with a bite while her husband is doing the same on her other side.

Ambiance. The interior, at the first step, made me feel like I was back anywhere in the Western world. Hardwood furnishing, barstoods, solid tables, even a sorta-spiral staircase to boot. As any Friday evening goes, it was echoing and vibrating with the crowd's chatter. Multiple tvs well placed throughout were playing selections of football and rugby. The crowd included mostly expats and afternwork happy hour office groups.

In conclusion: as many pubs in Bangkok go, this one did an excellent job of making itself into a genuine pub. Does it stand out compared to a couple of other group favourites? No. But it doesn't detract either, making it another place to add to the list of acceptable pubs to go to when you just want that bangers and mash.

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