06 February 2009

40 baht test - Foodland

I went down the street last night to go to my regular massage place... and found it closed. I decided to pop in the grocery store across the street before going back home. I then realised all I had in my pocket was 40 baht, just enough to tip the masseuse.

I talked myself into trying create a meal with the 40 baht in my pocket. My outcome:

It's not a good sign when I say this, but I feel like I need to explain my purchases. I perhaps put too many constraints on myself. No cup-o-noodles or other tv-dinner equivalent preservative loaded one-box-solves-all ingredients that I normally never buy anyway. Make as full a meal as possible. No salad bar.

Anyway, my purchases explained:
- Tomatoes, 6baht. It's both vegetable and fruit right? So I got two courses right there!
- Basil, 6.75baht. Well, I need to mix two of the tomatoes with it on the stir fry to make it more like a veggie dish, after all. Besides, I would have opted for the more Thai chili peppers at a mere 9 baht, but I already have a tub of them at home.
- Yogurt drink, 7baht. Gotta have a beverage. The straw came free!
- Sweet porridge, 15baht. Might as well indulge on the dessert. I found chocolate bars for about 8baht but this is probably slightly healthier. Besides, it's different.

Result: I had 5.25baht of change remaining. Got home, looked at the purchases, punched the straw into the yogurt drink and finished it in two sips. Look at the rest and stuck them in the fridge without eating any.

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