05 February 2009

Winter challenge

I froze my pretty tush off in my week in Taiwan. Before you groan and roll your eyes, do my weather challenge. Turn your thermostat to 50. Fahrenheit. Don't get cute on me.

And sleep in that for a whole week. No space heaters allowed. You can wear as many layers and double up as many comforters as you wish.

Once you made through 7 nights of that, you can snigger.

That's what it's like over there. They have no heating system. And the buildings are made of concrete and stone which retains coolness very well. No insulation or drywall or such. Just cold hard materials.


harraton said...

My thermostat is set to 58 degrees. It's 9 degrees outside in Pittsburgh.

Jane said...

8 more. Drop it down 8 more. But you were there in Taiwan!