30 May 2009

dos and don'ts of dating and relationship with Thai girl, part II


Do realise that if she calls you she likes you.
2. Do invite her for dinner and a movie on your first date.
3. Do buy her small inexpensive gifts from time to time, she'll know that you are thinking about her.
4. Do be clean and dress neatly (Thai ppl take shower twice a da) she wants you to smell and look nice.
5. Do ask her about her mom and dad and her family she wants you to care about them too.
6. Do ask to carry her bag for her, she likes a gentleman.
7. Do speak well about the Thais and her country, she's proud of her country.
8. Do invite her to make merit at the temple, she'll certainly love that (If she is strict Buddhism)
9. Do try and not smoke or drink too much, she will think that you are a drug addict or alchoholic.
10. Do realise that Thai girls are very close to their family.....
11. Do realise that to get into a serious relationship with a Thai means getting into a serious relationship with the whole of her family, she wants them to love you too.
12. Do realise that date with you is a serious thing for her.
13. Do realise when you become her boyfriend she will be thinking about getting married one day, and...
14. Do realise that if she sleeps with you, she will certainly be thinking about getting married one day.
15. Do realise that if she takes you to meet her parents, she knows that's the first step to getting married in Thailand.
16. Do realise that she enjoys doing your washing/cleaning etc..., she wants you to know she would make a good wife.
17. Do realise that if she asks and cares about your health, she likes you.
18. Do realise that most Thai girls would prefer a guy that seriously loved her to an unfaithful guy with loads of cash, she wants you to understand that.

All typos came with the article. No, they are not my typos. Yes, I quadruple-checked.

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