27 January 2010

Home, Sweet Home

More power to the people who can and do spend months or even years on the road. Me, I'm a there's-a-time-for-the-road-and-there's-a-time-for-home person. In other words, I believe in the expression "home sweet home." I've been on the road for months at a time, but trips like those simply make me appreciate the creature comforts of home:

- A kitchen
- A whole bookshelf of books to read
- Home entertainment system
- Dining table
- Down comforter
- Space

So, tonight, now that I've returned from a three-week trip, I shall be cooking a balanced meal, supplemented with a glass of wine from my collection, finished up with a brewed cup of tea. Then I'll play a few rounds of Wii boxing, catch up with my mail, and snuggle up in my own bed.

Home is what you make it. But when made well, it is something to look forward to returning to.

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