28 January 2010

ya think?

I got back home earlier this week after a three-week absence. I made an unusual daytime arrival, while the lobby is staffed with the receptionists. The lady at the desk sees me get out of the airport limousine. As I haul my two roller suitcases, one big tote carry on in addition to a backpack and purse, I find her waiting for me by the elevators, presumably to greet me.

Receptionist: Excuse me, Madam.
Me: Hello. Yes?
Receptionist: You ask about the satellite for your tv.
Receptionist: I try to call you many times but you don't pick up.
Receptionist: I think maybe you travel?

There are several English words that I hear the Thais use often. Finish is one. Maybe is the other. The Thais' frequent use of maybe struck me comical that moment as I stood there, laden with luggage. Really? Where did she think I was coming from then?